Of course the day began in the usual way – Euan (and sometimes I joined him) went off to the local boulangerie and returned with two baguettes, two croissants and two pains au chocolat. All eaten with big cups of coffee.

IMG_3432sm (2)

Then off to Strasbourg. It has a great system whereby you park out in the suburbs and get a ticket from the machine and that means you and 5 others can ride into town on a tram – which is right where the parking station is. You ride back on it too.

We walked through lovely large squares, cross the centre of town, over the river,the  Ill and then to a restaurant for lunch.




This was how we’d imagined our French experience would be. The place reminded me of Paris so many years ago. Red walls, lovely lighting, mirrors everywhere and waiters who were very professional. The food was delicious. We all had salads,


glasses of wine and then were confronted with whether we could face a dessert. My creme caramel was large but check out the strawberry creation that Euan and Lil chose!


Then it was off to look at the cathedral – a creation of the 12th century.


We mingled with thousands of other tourists wanting to see the clock, a fantastic creation which measured and indicated the phases or the moon, something about the sun and then at the quarter hour figures moved in and out of a structure at the top. Apparently, on the hour, much more dramatic stuff happens but we didn’t wait to see that.


Instead we wandered outside, eating fabulous ice cream, looking at a building from 1427 and rubbing shoulders with other tourists.




While staring at the buildings we saw the delivery system for one of the local businesses. It turned out to be our ice cream shop.


After that walking around we hopped in the car – another tram ride, Sydney you could learn something here – and drove out around the University and the buildings of the Council of Europe which meets in this town.

Back home for Georges’s version of a Chinese soup, more wine and talking so that another very late night was had.

Shall we revert to earlier dining patterns when we return?





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