Georges says France is a land of food. He’s right. Today was to be a celebration of the barbeque.

First there was to be a walk in the forest – a different one this time. It had been hugely destroyed in a typhoon(!) in 1999 so lots of the trees were younger than expected. Georges gave us the history lesson of the way, after the Revolution the forests reverted to the people and you now have the villages, like Hatten, owning part of the forest. Trees are looked after and cut for fire wood. It is so different to those we would be used to. These are lighter – largely beech and birch with some oaks thrown in.



Then the barbeque. There were sausages of a number of different kinds – some spicy, the Merguez, some not.

This was lunch. Soraya, Alec’s girlfriend had arrived from Strasbourg. For a while, Tibor, an old best friend of Alec joined us. That was for an aperatif: a rosé. We had become French, drinking in the middle of the day.


It was so relaxed and comfortable, more talking and laughing, and delicious eating.

For the first time, there was dessert. Alec cut up a pineapple and served it with pistachio ice cream. It felt a bit like summer back home.



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