It’s a long time since we’ve laughed so much. Talk and laughter, it’s what we do with Georges and Lil.

Eating is  big part of it too. That was the highlight of today. We went to a restaurant by a water mill on the edge of the forest. The place was called Koenigsbruck, although I didn’t know it at the time.


We sat in the sun, as did others and we were with Alec, Georges and Lil’s son who is working in Switzerland but was home for the long weekend.


We ate very well: cruditiés of carrot, beetroot and a couple of other vegetables.


Then a fish burger. I anticipated a bun, but no. The cooked fish came beneath a slice of bread with cheese on the top. It was delicious. It was served with potatoes but that was chips – but big thick ones.


We should have stopped then but said yes to cafe gourmand. Let the picture tell the story.



From there we went for a restorative walk along the Rhine – see Germany on the other side – to a farm which specialised in white asparagus. Lots bought for lunch the next day.


Then to Seebach village. This was to see lots of typical old Alsatian houses. They are wooden framed and then the walls are filled in – concrete and brick these days but a sort of wattle and daub in the old days.


There are some in Hatten but Hatten was flattened in WW2 and then rebuilt. Georges says that people wanted it rebuilt exactly as it was but only those houses that weren’t completely destroyed could be repaired in the old style. The rest were built in brick, as is Georges and Lil’s place.

It was a lovely sunny day.




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