First, the family home. It’s a farmhouse – two floors and  then add on an attic and a basement. George took us on a guided tour. Their office – the film company they ran for years occupies the top floor. There are rooms with desks, editing suites, storage of archives etc. More stuff than I have in my office.


Then the basement. There’s a huge furnace for wood, another for oil and then three vast water tanks that provide the circulating water that heats the house. It’s infrastructure that we never have to consider, given our climate.

Then a walk around town. There are about 2,000 people and a small town centre with the admin buildings and a fair to be set up this weekend. We wandered past the primary school and then made our way along back streets and ended up coming in to Georges and Lil’s place by the back way. We checked out their barn. It’s huge, stacked so high with wood and enough room that in the old days would have held cows and pigs through the winter. There’s land behind it too with raspberries, a cherry tree, nut trees and who knows what else.


A delicious salad of endive, smoked duck and other salad greens followed. After a rest – we’d also drunk rose at lunch – we went for a walk in the forest.


Loads of families were there as it was the first really warm day in a while.


So good that we ordered drinks and then brought home the restaurant speciality – Tarte Flambe – and had a delicious evening meal. More local wine – white this time. And lots of talk and laughter.

So good.



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