Today is our last day at Le Poulailler, our own personal ‘chicken coup.’


Tomorrow we head off to meet Georges and Lil in Alsace so today was to clean up, sort out all the things we’ve accumulated since our arrival and then pack up.

But first, there’s nothing for dinner so off to Albert to the boulangerie for baguettes – and something sweet for afterwards  – and the bucherie, Euan wanted sausages and then pointed to a white one which the gentleman behind the counter than gave us for a present. He was a sweet man who asked us who we were and wished us happy travelling.

The sausage turned out to be an andouillette, a sausage made from pig’s intestines. It’s a complicated making process and I was a bit unsure but we cooked it for dinner tonight and it tasted fine!

On the way back from  Albert was Dernacourt, a town we seen the signs for but never visited. Now was the chance. It had been a support place prior to 1918 and then been the focus of a battle in 1918. We stopped at the cemetery and wandered around.

Some were men from the 13th battalion – my ‘boys,’ others came from all over the battalions of the war.


A strange one caught our eye: Herman Hess, the gravestone read. What? Who? the rest of the script was in German and there was no mention in the grave register. A search on the internet for a translation has come up with ‘unknown’ and ‘warrior,’ so I guess that’s it.

IMG_3295 (2)

At the back of the graveyard were three others – Chinese and in front of them a couple of  Indian service men.


After lunch we still didn’t feel like packing up so headed off to other Somme towns where battles were fought and Australians were involved.

Harbonnieres was the first, captured by the big push, 8th August 1918.

Then we drove to Bray -sur-Somme which fell to the Australians 24th August.

Like other days of driving this was through rolling green and golden fields. We didn’t really want to stop at more graves so came home to afternoon tea and a time of sorting through everything we’ve gathered. There’s a lot to carry home!

Marylisle came over to make the arrangements for our departure and to deliver two slices of rhubarb tart.

She has treated us very well.


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