Welcome to this site. Euan is with me as we wander the Western Front.

It’s for a book I’m writing, 1918 for young people, focusing on the final year of the First World War, in France. La Grande Guerre Mondiale in the local parlance.

It will be battlefields, grave yards, memorials and museums with a visit to the Australian Dawn Service at Villers-Bretonneux, April 25th. That’s because the soldiers of the AIF liberated that town, Anzac Day, 1918. And it was acknowledged as Anzac Day then. I’m also off to the local school which has a special connection with Australia.

The trip is bookended by first a trip to Holland with friends from Sydney who live there for six months every year. Thank you Richard and Agnes.

Then, at the end we will be with George and Lil in Alsace. We shred a squat with Georges in London almost forty years ago. Euan was a friend of his five years before that,  Sydney 1973.




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