Back to Villers-Bretonneux, this time to see a collection of historic photos. Many are of streets before and after the war. A couple of people were there as volunteers to show us around and they were generous with their time and with some copies of photos as well.

IMG_3007 sm cp


IMG_3009 sm cp

The comment was also that there had been more than 6,000 people before the war and now there were only about 3-4000. There had been industries – largely textile before but they were destroyed and didn’t return.

The woman who we spoke to said that she had made some of the figures – animal – in the front yard of the Town Hall. The cardboard koalas are not there permanently – they get nicked – but the echidna is a fixture.

IMG_2984 sm

We had been to Corbie before and filled our shopping basket at the market so decided to come straight home. Then we remembered we were out of wine so went on a bit to Albert and bought a couple of bottles – and the ingredients for Anzac Biscuits. No golden syrup. Honey and extra sugar will have to do!

And maybe Marilisle will have some bicarb soda.



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