April 17th

A quiet day at home managing a rotten cold. It came on after a walk around the town which is really only a village. There are large buildings housing farm equipment and I suspect homes tucked in behind them

The most interesting war reference is in the small graveyard beyond the houses. There are a handful of graves from 1918. One is of an Englishman, the others Australians from the Engineers Corps. All are very young. The simple headstones are very moving. Some of this feeling comes from the fact that other graves are adorned with flowers and with memorabilia in the form of plaques acknowledging the deceased. These sit on top of the stone covering over the grave. cpjpg.jpg

From the graveyard, if you turn to the north you see the village of Merlincourt and then, beyond that, the town of Albert. The sun catches the golden Madonna. Nothing in this region is far from everywhere else.

IMG_2826sm cpjpg.jpg




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