Bikes and bread – all kinds of both to be found with the tulips of Amsterdam.


Monday saw us arriving in Amsterdam after that long, long flight from Australia. How wonderful to be met by the smiling face of Richard Tulloch, a mate from Australia who with his wife Agnes was to be our host for the next two days. And what great hosts they proved to be. We were well fed and well guided through the steets of the city to visit the Rijksmuseum, now renovated and open after years.

Those Vermeers and Rembrants were as stunningly rich in colour as ever I remember.




And then there was the visceral, bloody work of Kapoor that reminded me of why we here in Europe.

This trip is all about the War. That war 1914 1918. Mayhem, blood and body parts of millions of young men and others across the region we were soon to go to.

The three works of Kapoor capture the horror of the death and destruction in ways that the black and white images of the period can not.

I found myself drawn to these works while most other attendees in the gallery dismissed them with a glance.


The Van Gogh museum was so much easier to view and such a model of the telling of the story of one man, his work, his influencers and the sadness of his life’s story.

If you are in Amsterdam and you are interested in libraries, check out the new one. The kid’s section is a treat: so imaginative in the way books are displayed and imaginative creatures in sculptural form are scattered around. It was inspiring, even for we geriatrics.



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